The REAP Centre 5 Oakridge Rd, Downham, BR1 5QW
The REAP Centre5 Oakridge Rd, Downham, BR1 5QW


My name is Fiona Calder, for as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion to work with people.


I have always enjoyed putting on events and programmes geared towards families, children, youth and young adults. 


In 2003 I travelled to Brazil to work with the disadvantaged street children and families that lived in the slums.

I qualified in Social Work and managed children’s homes for 14 years.

In 2010 whilst on maternity leave with my second child I set up a Saturday School which quickly snowballed into a Social Enterprise called Regal Educational Arts project (REAP).  Within the 2nd Year we started a creative Arts programmes, the 3rd year we stated our mentoring programmes and the 4th year  I put in a bid to Lewisham Council to take over a closed down youth club, which I was successful in wining.

In Feb 2014, I opened the The REAP Centre; my vision for the centre is to demonstrate care and consideration for our community by sowing seeds of opportunities through FREE community activities for all the family.

The REAP Centre will be a place to meet new people, have fun , feel valued and where all are welcome.






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